Why Artists Can’t Quit Cigarettes

Why Artists Can’t Quit Cigarettes

A symbol of dirty habits and corporate greed — and an enduring icon of old-school glamour — smoking is making an unlikely comeback in sculpture, design and even food.

100 Easy Dinner Recipes for Right Now

September is overwhelming. These quick, weeknight-friendly dishes aren’t.

The Best Grape Jelly Is Homemade

Concord grape season is a short one, but you can extend it by making this delicious preserve, Yewande Komolafe writes.

The Secret Ingredient Your Salads Are Missing

Marinating tomatoes is a quick and easy way to coax out their juices and make them the perfect complement to leafy greens, Melissa Clark writes.

Dinner Recipes You’ll Be Happy to Eat Again for Lunch

Future you will be grateful for reheated white bean and tomato pasta and zucchini salad with feta (which has soaked up all those za’atar-y spices).

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