‘I Could Nosh’: A New Cookbook From a Modern Mensch

‘I Could Nosh’: A New Cookbook From a Modern Mensch

Jake Cohen, the author of a best-selling 2021 cookbook, is back with more ‘Classic Jew-ish Recipes’ that he has reinvented for the modern cook.

This Classic Cantonese Dish Turns Whole Fish Into an Easy, Impressive Dinner

Kenji López-Alt frequently relies on this efficient recipe to feed his family of fish lovers with minimal time and effort.

Make Soup Now for When You’re Sick Later

Come cold season, future you will be relieved by pints of carrot-leek with miso, white bean with rice and dill, and vegetable tortilla stashed in the freezer.

This Sheet-Pan Vegetarian Dinner Can’t Get Much Simpler

This colorful meal from Melissa Clark, full of chickpeas and peppers, comes together in two steps — no charring over an open flame required.

A Chile Paste So Good, It’s Protected by the U.N.

Real-deal Tunisian harissa is an anchor to the motherland and a bright, specific accent to countless dishes.

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